Maritime occupational safety and health

  • Identification and assessment of hazards in the workplace
  • Development of occupational health and safety concepts
  • Preparation of operational safety manuals
  • Preparation of teaching material on occupational safety

Risk management

  • Hazard and risk analyses
  • Development of emergency and procedure plans
  • Optimisation of safety-relevant operational processes

Creation of teaching and learning materials

  • Preparation of manuals
  • Development and implementation of e-learning systems
  • Development of print media to support instruction and course guidance



  • Fire protection report for rooms with lithium-ion accumulators (ES-TRIN)
  • Maritime chemistry / hazardous cargoes
  • Thermography (EN 473, construction, electrical, chemical)
  • Evacuation analyses
  • Advice, planning, organisation and supervision of simulation games and large-scale exercises
  • Documentation and evaluation of simulations and exercises
  • Fire research
  • Testing extinguishing systems
  • Fire detection sensor and equipment tests