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Maritime safety

Research, training and services - our three pillars make us your partner for all matters relating to maritime safety.

Our staff are proven experts in their respective fields and will support you in the implementation of your next project.

Research projects worked on

Course participants annually

Years of experience

Our research topics

Digitisation concepts

  • People tracking
  • Container monitoring
  • Evacuation of large crowds

Fire and explosion

  • Sensor technology
  • Hazard analyses
  • Extinguishing agent effectiveness
  • Test fire alarm systems
  • Fire investigation

Alternative drives

  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Electric vehicle transport
  • Alternative fuels (LNG, methanol, ammonia)

Customised course and training offers


  • worldwide course offer - on board and ashore


  • Over 20 years of experience in creating and implementing training measures

Certified quality

  • Internationally recognised training courses (STCW) Quality management according to ISO standard 9001


  • Coverage of all areas of operational ship safety

Wide range of services

Maritime occupational safety and health

  • Occupational safety and health concepts
  • Hazards in the workplace
  • Operational safety manuals

Risk management

  • Emergency and procedure plans
  • Hazard and risk analyses
  • Optimisation of operating processes

Teaching materials

  • Manuals
  • E-learning systems
  • Print media for course support


  • Thermography
  • Evacuation analyses
  • Fire protection report (ES-TRIN)